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No Robo Financial Planning

What is No Robo Financial Planning?  Unlike other firms JMN uses its own internal financial planning model and its backbone is not artificial intelligence but rather valuation and planning strategies that are time tested and emphasize worst and best case scenario evaluation (which some may consider boring or “old school”).  We can change our cash flow model to fit your tax, business or estate situation. 


What is the make-up of a Financial Plan?  Here is a Table of Contents for a typical comprehensive JMN Investment Management Plan:




Income and Estate Tax Laws are changing which is the perfect time to renew your financial plan.  Financial Planning (FP) engagements are initiated with an estimated cost for the scope of your chosen needs and the completion of a FP agreement.  Call 561-410-5815 or email  If you don’t require comprehensive financial planning and have questions call me and hopefully I can answer (561-410-5815).  This link NoRoboDoc1.pdf  is a sample financial plan for your review.

Nick Krsnich

Managing Member, JMN Investment Management LLC

Certified Financial Planner

M.B.A.— Finance






Why Financial Planning?


(1) What is more important than becoming an expert in your own financial life?


(2) Comprehensive Financial Planning is time consuming but in the end your financial affairs are organized.  You have a document you can refer to when evaluating investments, taxes, estate planning, insurance, business decisions, retirement, and your objectives.