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JMN Investment Management is currently managing individual accounts that purchase Non-Agency RMBS securities.  JMN previously managed the Colchis RMBS Distressed Fund from 2008-2011 and the JMN Structured Strategies Fund from 2012-2013. JMN has one of the best track records within the Non-Agency RMBS space.

Performance results can be found on Bloomberg and also are posted at Informa.  Bloomberg users cab view fund information via JMNNARM <Equity> <GO>.  Our Twitter account is @rmbsadvisor.


JMN Portfolio Management

JMN provides financial service firms and investment managers asset valuation and risk management services.  Engagements have included:


          Industry & Equity Valuation—Mortgage Insurance Industry

          RMBS Portfolio Valuation

          Loan Servicing & Whole Loan Valuation

          Loan Loss Reserves Computation

          Loan Servicing/Pipeline Hedging

          Risk Management Policy Development

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