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Wall Street Journal Articles

Fund Manager Ducks Mortgage Trouble—At His Peril”.  6/2013

“Subprime Bonds Are Back”  4/2011




MortgageOrb “Penalties Galore in “Mortgage Market Football” October 2014 by Nick Krsnich




The Wall Street Journal February 2016—High Dividend Stocks Gain Appeal—”When I look at high-dividend blue-chip stocks like Wells Fargo, Proctor & Gamble, Disney, and big drug companies, I see price/earnings multiples around 20 in a world of slow growth,” says Nick Krsnich, who manages JMN Investment Management, which focuses on debt investments. “That isn’t very attractive”.


The Wall Street Journal – July 2013

“Mr. Krsnich became an outspoken critic of Countrywide’s push for market share and what he thought was an unhealthy embrace of risk.  He left the company, which was sold to Bank of America Corp. in 2008, before the housing collapse.  Mr. Krsnich developed a model for valuing mortgage bonds, became excited about beaten-down mortgage bonds and hung his shingle in San Francisco in September of 2008.”


The New Yorker – June 2009

“Krsnich argued, the company was not being adequately compensated for the risks it was taking. In executive-committee meetings, Krsnich challenged the thirty-per-cent market-share goal.”  “Wall Street buyers abandoned most mortgage-backed securities, and the collapse of the mortgage market predicted by Krsnich finally occurred.”